"What are others saying about your writing?"

"I'm so proud of my little Ryan!  His writing is wonderful!"  - Barbara Stripling, American Library President 2013-2014

"This is his best novel to date!"  - Sara Stripling, poet, wife, mother extraordinaire

"A gripping read!  A fascinating blend of fantasy and post-apocalyptic!'  - Alexis Sanchez, ficticious person

"WHere does the art on your site come from?"

All art on my site was created by high school students.  As the faculty advisor for the literary magazine at a high school, I am continually amazed by what young artists and writers create.  I want my website to showcase these students' creations.  For queries pertaining to purchasing art from artists featured on this site, please email me by clicking the email icon at the bottom of the page.

Why is the phrase "words create Worlds" written across the banner photo on your homepage?

I'm glad you asked.  The phrase is one that I deeply value.  I explain why here.

"Why board games?"

If you're asking this, undoubtedly you haven't yet discovered the world of hobby games.  Pick up a copy of Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, or Axis and Allies—explore the myriad options that the gaming world has to offer.  Immerse yourself in the genre you like most: deck builders, area control, resource management, dungeon crawlers, tactical skirmish, etc.  Become familiar with the Euros, the Ameritrash, the hybrids.  Feel the thrill of victory, the bitter pangs of defeat.  Laugh more.  Look your friends and family in the eye more.  There you'll find your answer.

"Who will win the NCAA college football championship this year?"

The Arkansas Razorbacks.  This is the year.  I can feel it.

"Are you available for writing workshops?"

Contact me by clicking the email icon at the bottom of the page for speaking or student writers' workshop requests.