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"The sky was rent and all our towering citadels fell, for the Benei had come. With them came wonderand terror."
          -Chronicles of the Order 1:1

The war against the Benei lasted only days. Our armies—with their missiles, aircraft, armaments of wholesale destruction—broke apart against the sharp edge of the Benei’s magic. Our cities fell,  the survivors scattered. The Benei secluded themselves into cities to call their own, finding those among us who welcomed their rule. 

For fifty years, the Benei remake the world within their enclaves, building a society fashioned for their ends. Surrounding these lands is the Waste, where tribes of wilders—those who refused to come under the Benei’s reign—live in hiding. Lawless and free, they prize only one thing: survival.

It is a world as fixed as granite, roughhewn and unyielding.

But for Eli, everything is poised to shift.

Read an excerpt from the first chapter of Shifter!

Eli couldn’t sleep—the clenched fist of fear tightened around his gut. The known path that had charted his entire life was coming to an end, one way or the other. After sixteen grueling years at the Institute, tomorrow night would be his final election ceremony. 

He had never expected to make it this far. Each year as the elders weeded out the unworthy, Eli was shocked to still be counted among his class’s dwindling numbers. Each spring since year twelve Eli and his yearmates were ushered into the Grand Hall and forced to endure the agonizing celebration of the election ceremony. Each year Eli had been certain he would be cast off, sent to the city to commence his backbreaking life as a lower. To him, the mood was always grim, the food tasting like ash. For some, like Abram or Zeke, the night truly was a celebration. They knew they belonged, knew their name would be called, and savored their meal with that confidence that never seemed to leave them. Tomorrow would be the last of the election ceremonies, when their year would be whittled down to a fraction of the twenty-eight who still remained. 

But once tomorrow was over, would Eli be one of them? He had always looked forward to this event with both anticipation and dread. Those elected would become a chosen of the Benei, a hand to receive and guide their magic. The rest would sink into the nameless ranks of the lowers. 

The pain in Eli’s gut indicated which fate he thought more likely.

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