enter the world of the young adult fantasy novel Shifter!

"The sky was rent and all our towering citadels fell, for the Benei had come. With them came wonderand terror."
          -Chronicles of the Order 1:1

The war against the Benei lasted only days. Our armies—with their missiles, aircraft, armaments of wholesale destruction—broke apart against the sharp edge of the Benei’s magic. Our cities fell,  the survivors scattered. The Benei secluded themselves into cities to call their own, finding those among us who welcomed their rule. 

For fifty years, the Benei remake the world within their enclaves, building a society fashioned for their ends. Surrounding these lands is the Waste, where tribes of wilders—those who refused to come under the Benei’s reign—live in hiding. Lawless and free, they prize only one thing: survival.

It is a world as fixed as granite, roughhewn and unyielding.

But for Eli, everything is poised to shift.

Read an excerpt from the first chapter of Shifter!

Eli slipped the asherah over his wrist and tightened each of the fasteners.

All at once, something pushed against his mind. Its foreignness probed the edges of his thoughts. Like it was considering him, tallying his faults and merits.

Then, it pushed further, a sharp edge to its search. Eli tried to calm himself, but his breaths quickened. The foreign presence pressured his insides, not of his body, but deeper—of his self.

Eli’s vision swam as the pressure grew. A building of air, blood, and life combining, then releasing with only a moment of relief before constricting again. As his skin tightened around him, Eli heard the same the insistent whisper over and over: Who are you?

Twisting and thrashing, Eli focused on oxygen. On breathing. Still, an unspoken question drilled into him: Are you ours?

He couldn’t swallow enough air. His throat and lungs were collapsing. Drowning, Eli needed to breathe. He needed—

Then something within him pushed back.

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