And so my foray into the blogosphere commences!  I am thrilled to finally establish a foothold on the interwebs (may it never be the same!).   

The best place to begin is probably to explain the title of my blog.  It’s a reference to a poem that recurs often in my thoughts, Robert Frost’s “For Once, Then, Something.”  In the poem, the speaker is kneeling at a well-curb, gazing into the depths of the water.  At first, he sees only his reflection, but one time the speaker peers “beyond the picture” to catch a glimpse of “something white, uncertain, something more of the depths.”  But then he loses it.  The poem concludes with the speaker pondering what that whiteness was: “Truth? A pebble of quartz? For once, then, something.”  

I have always loved that line for the sheer magnitude of it, for its incomparable breadth.  In it the pendulum swings from the most abstract, Truth, to the most concrete, a pebble of quartz.  I love, too, that the speaker finds that even the pebble of quartz, in the long absence of graspable meaning, would be something.

Perhaps, too, in our daily lives we might come across a pebble of quartz if we would only watch for it. If we looked and listened, we might even come to find something deeper.   

I hope you’ll join me as I chronicle my own journey.